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Scott Lord, Austin, Texas Entrepreneur. Expert Funnel Builder and Online Consultant.
Scott Lord, Founder

After 17 years as a control systems engineer, many of them developing the process, programming and 1st generation automation controls for the largest Billion Dollar Drilling Rigs on the planet, I decided to use the skills I built during that time to help me start IMengineer Inc where my team and I design, build, and monetize online sales funnels as well as helping with the complete process of building online businesses, from generating your first profit, to consulting, to "Done For You Services", IMengineer will get you to your desired outcome.

For the past decade, I’ve been studying, learning and implementing direct and online marketing tactics, starting my journey in the real estate investing niche (flipping hundreds of thousands of dollars in residential and commercial property) where I began studying from and being mentored by the likes of marketing geniuses such as Dan Kennedy, Eric Louviere, Russell Brunson, Gary Halbert and the legendary David Olgivy. To top that off, I have been fortunate to forge a great relationship with one of the sharpest minds today who has been the "Wizard" behind the scenes for one of the best(and biggest) names online today, generating over 7 Million Dollars in sales in just a few short years. 

My "Aha" moment came to light when I realized that most successful people in life do not engineer their success, they reverse-engineer their success. Why re-invent the wheel when a successful model is already out there? I've been reverse-engineering the largest systems in the world for nearly 2 decades now! My skills of strategically planning, designing and implementing systems and process  bumplessly transfers to the online arena. You don't have to be the pioneer with arrows in their back to be successful in today's world. 

Tell me your Big Picture, then my team and I will focus on your end goal and reverse-engineer your ultimate funnel "System" that will guide your clients through the "Process".

Let myself and my team at IMengineer reverse-engineer your Internet Marketing vision and assist you in building a viable, lasting, and profitable business. 

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